April 6, 2022 Update:

Dear friends,
    I am thrilled that the COVID-19 numbers are so low!  So, when our task force met the other day, we decided that we are basically back to normal!  We will continue to sing together, the offering plates will be passed around, masks are optional, and we will have activities for the children and youth this spring and summer.  
    You may notice a couple of differences from "normal."  We will continue to offer the service via livestream as we have people attending that way for a variety of reasons.  We will also "pass the peace" at the end of worship, rather than in the middle of the service, to help the flow of the service for the people joining us online.  
   Next week is Holy Week, and we have numerous opportunities for worship.  We look forward to seeing you!


For our complete COVID-19 Policies, click here.

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